Slot machine test: flowers

Against a beautiful wide meadow with flowers you can say nothing, but when the flowers like the main characters in "Flowers" are, then you should be careful, where you put your foot down. Rarely seen flowers so colorful and lively. But this is quite normal in the "Flowers" slot from net entertainment. You can play directly online "Flowers", even in test mode. True inserts can be worth it but, because the odds are really good. This is especially the double symbols that are almost unique in the world of slot machines. Thus, you can have for example, a sequence of three symbols, although only two fields are occupied. Consequently, high profit opportunities that so quickly not to overtake other slots will be. Additionally the possibility with the wild at all ranks to make or to win free spins. "Flowers" is a credit to his name and succeeds in spite of simple mechanisms, to achieve big effects.

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Flowers online play

Actually "Flowers" seems quite normal, but the devil is in the detail and at first may not even notice. Five reel, thirty payline seem initially quite normal, and of course, the number of lines is already enormous, but at second glance, the special core of "Flowers" opens. A payline as so often consists of exactly five fields and yet you can spin series with up to 10 symbols. The double icons, which do exactly what their name says make it possible: count as duplicate symbols, although they occupy only a field.

In addition, "Flowers" is an ordinary online slots, must appear in at least three of the same symbols in a row, so there's profit. A number have always left to start and at 30 bet lines, chances are good that you can make always a number if same symbols on the first three reels. Your usage is determined with the height of earnings. Because, but also rows of three with a double symbol can be made, you win often, although only two fields on one line are busy.

The flowers determine the image and design of "Flowers". Here, you'll realize quickly that there are any flower in duplicate. Once individually and once with just two copies on a symbol. The latter are the double icons. If so a single flower in addition to a double flower, you have three of the same symbols, which already provides for profit. Total can you spin it so series with up to 10 symbols, what then accordingly will become apparent on your account.

In addition to the five different flower types, there are also four letters, which include little and are therefore only of limited benefit for your account. Here, the series already from at least four or five symbols must be so that the usage will be replayed. But of course multiple paylines win at the same time.

The Sun aptly is the wild symbol and ensures that your series blossom. As the Joker, the Sun provides for completion of your order. The free spins symbols do exactly what they're supposed to: they allow you free games in which you need to pay no usage.

Slot machines instructions of flowers

"Flowers" is an interesting slot machine since he has while special features, on the other hand is a very simple to play slot. With the double icons, you can come to very high profits in the normal rounds. And if you want to watch the flowers just to grow, you can do that with the auto-start mode. For this you click on "Autom. play"and set the desired number of rounds. Winnings are credited then friends, before a new round starts automatically. You're playing with automatic last set used. The auto-start mode can terminate you at any time and continue playing normally.

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